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 The Truth (Sonic Demensions Rp)

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PostSubject: The Truth (Sonic Demensions Rp)   Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:42 pm

Before the earth was called earth, there use to be seven worlds all bonded by a sacred connection that allowed not just humans, but anthro's and other creatures possibly imagined to visit or live with one another. There were no secrets; everyone knew all there was to know and everthing was possibly imagined existed. There was no such thing as fake existance in life, and deities walked along us instead of hiding in the heavens.
This age was known as the Golden Ara, and every race or species had a special power. Humans, however, were given one of the most widely useful: telepathy. They could se into the future or past without noticing it. They can think what they saw in their minds as imaginarary or their own creation wehn it was actually happening, already happened, or going to happen.
Of course, the balance of existance was frial if one studied it long enough, and its protection was kept within the spirit of an open minded female. This protection was known as the Truth: the only thing those of the Golden Ara worshipped at the time. However, one day, a young man happen to cross paths with a demon, who drove a dirty temptation in the man's heart, and the man saught out the female who held the truth and abused her harshly. This henious act shattered the girl's spirit, and the Truth broke along with it. After a few days, existance began to rip. Everything was becoming torn as the worlds started in destruction and all life fell apart at the seams.
Luckily, Marlcassa, the goddess of all life, was able to resore peace by sacrofising the now terrified man who abused the Carrier of the Truth, and his blood seeped into the soil of the first world. However, Marlcassa was furious, determinded to completely kill off the human race as punishment for the single man's treachory. The other deities were able to disued the once gentle goddess by telling her that humans were the basic building blocks of all life. She, instead, shut down all connections betweeb the worlds abd banished the human race to the first world now called earth. The humans bred and birthed children on the tainted soil until the whole world was covered in humans. Time had convinced them of false beliefs, and the Truth was lost in their angry hearts- dismissing their powers of telepathy as 'imagination' or 'creativity'. The other races grew sad ar seperation from one another, adn their sorrow shielded them from the deties, who now hide in the heavens and watch each isolated world with anxiety.
However, the wise ferret queen, Fortualla, knew that the Truth was vital if the Golden ara was to be reserected and to hold back evil. She placed the Truth in the child of the abused girl, who in turn taught her own children as time went by and so on until a legacy in each century held the existance in all their spirits.
One day, fifter years from now -2010-, the legacy had to continue since the first had died mysteriously. a girl, sweet and open minded, was chosen to carry on. She accepted in her dream with Fortualla, who taught her well. Sadly, even with the aid of her brotherly gaurdian, she was shot and killed in cold blood. Another had fallen in attempt to protect the Truth.
Still, hope remained, despite the slowly rendering existance as those fifty years past and Fortualla sought a new carrier. This was reason to war and famine on earth. Then, the miracle accured in a growing catastrophe.
Even though they were held in the lightest corners of the world, each temple in every forest of those corners had been infoltraited. The temples carried spirits of those of the Golden Ara. They had been opened by four figures trying to optain their ancient power- yet had been fought back by Fortualla herself. However, this could not take back spirits from the ancient bloodlines and they flew to join their heirs. A particular spirit acompanied by a sliver of soul from the sweet girl, found the last of the Truth carrier's original blood line, and reunited. A new carrier of the Truth was formed, and she is alive and well, wherever she is, and is the reason we exist still.

The forces of evil. coming in many shapes and sizes, are trying hard to find the carrier of the Truth at this very moment. Rumors in ancient tablets tell that those who find both the Carrier and her Gaurdian unlock unlimited power that could shift the universe itself. even now, the seven worlds are smashing together to join destinies tp prevent evil's determination. Races of all worlds are being teleported randomly to reunite with the spirirts of chosen bloodlines. and yet, there is always at least one hero to stand up agents the evil threatening to perminately plague the worlds.
A path of a million branched roads, a harsh and dark allyway with shrouding shadows to viel the right direction, this hero will walk. Does this champion have allies willing to help him? Or have they too fallen in temptation to find the carrier? And still, many others have their own troubles that lead this way eventually. Despite the dangers, despite the heart break and hardships you encounter, you must follow your heart and belief's, no matter what. For love, for fame, for the benifet of yourself or others- no matter the stake, you must put trust in one thing, and that all depends on you. You, the Villan, or you, The Hero. All rests on you, no matter the quanity of race or species. Be strong and go forth!

Sonic the Hedgehog:OWNED
Tails the Fox:OWNED
Knuckles the Echinda:OWNED
Shadow the Hedgehog:
Rouge the Bat:
Omega the Robot:
Amy the Hedgehog:
Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao:
Big the Cat and Froggy the Frog:
Espio the Chameleon:OWNED
Charmy the Bee:OWNED
Vector the Crocodile:
Blaze the Cat:
Silver the Hedgehog:
Chip the Light Gaia: OWNED
Marine the Racoon:
Metal Sonic:
Jet the Hawk:
Storm the Albatross:
Wave the Swallow:
Omo Chao:
Vanilla the Rabbit:
Metal Tails:
Metal Knuckles:
Mighty the Armadillo:
Tikal the Echidna:
Scourge the hedgehog:


*Name of Character:
Crush, Lover:

1. No godmodding whatsoever. Controlling other characters is strictly forbidden. You may play as many characters as you can handle (These can be Sonic characters and your own as well!)
2. Romance is fine, but NO SEXUAL CONTENT!
3. Out of character chats are in (()). No bumping!
4. Events are the only things happened by ME and ME alone.
5. Enjoy yourselves!

Deep in the ancient jungles that have lived in the very purest corners of the world, four mighty temples who housed many spirits has finally been infoltraited. All the witnesssess could tell who would dare crack open such secerts from the holiest of shrines were three figures cloaked in darkness. the temples, now with their heavily dusted doors adjar, could not contain their secrets chich spilled out...
Meanwhile, in the large city of Crystle, the human residents are holding a huge festivle in the name of their President. The man himself is there, ontop of a frilly black and red float, helping out to toss candy and items to the crowd cheering for him. No one notices a rather fat man in a swirly, glittery claok and mask running swiftly towards the float...
Suddenly, screams ring the air as a fierce exploson ripples through the crowd, sending burnt bodies hitting the cemented roads. The man in the mask guffaws loudly, sending a armful of pulsing fire into the crowd now feeling for thier lives. More explosions, more bodies. He is now standing ontop the float, the President under his heel and the flaot they're on transforming into a huge, buldu and mutated maggot with wrinkly black skin, wings, and red markings. In the middle of its face is a green orb, glistening wetly. Tentacles and bone-like cages sprout from its belly as it launches into the air, scooping up children into the cages and beating back adults trying to escape. The kids scream in panic, but no one turns up to save them. Its complete hell on earth, raging fire and death...
Suddenly, there's a whistling crack, and a bluen vlur swings by one of the cages. A glittering white blur and black one soon follows, and the fat man stops laughing. He looks suddenly wary and a little fearful at what three threats are now standing on one of the buildings close by.
"You won't stop me this time, Sonic!" He belows at a blue hedgehog with charming green eyes, now solid with rage.
"You've gone too far, Doc!" He snaps back, then launches himself at one of the cages. There's a snap, a scream, and Sonic manages to scramble onto one of them as the flying beast picks up speed and altitude. Shadow and Silver race along building tops, readying for the jump. Sonic struggles with the bars, tough as Iron, but the girl inside -a long hair brunet with a silver tint to it- presses againts the bars.
"Not me!" she whispered to where only he could hear, Sonic looked up at her in confusion, but then ther was another whistling noise. Sonic managed to yank a bar free before the girl pulled him inside her cage. There was a collsil BANG, adn the cage whizzed dangerously around. Flames licked mencingly around them, but the girl pushed Sonic to the far side where he couldn't fall.
"Not me, idiot!" She snapped at him, looking livid. He looked at her, surprised, but before he could do anything, she shot out the cage with a yelp of shock. another blur of white catching the girl assured him she was safe.
"Sonic!" Yelled Shadow, who had flung himself to a cage next to his, "Hurry it up!"
"Yeah!" He called, preparing to leap across...
Before the fire ball hit.
The impact shook the whole beast, who thrashed in mid-air, flinging Sonic, Silver and Shadow into space. They hurled down, hitting the cement hard, but amazingly managed to stay consience. Despite his injuries, Sonic was the first to spring up and give chase with amazing agility. He winced as a huge flash of white light brighted the sky, but the beast was too high to jump for. Sonic hit the ground again in a mad attempt, and watched from the groundas it flew off into the night.
Shadow and Silver came up to Sonic, looking slightly ruffled, but otherwise ok. Sonic picked himself up, kicking the gravel upturned by many blasts in fustraition.
"He's gone too far! I'll make him pay!" sonic growled. Shadow merely shook his head while Silver said calmly,
"I think we should get back to Twin Flight...Something tells me this isn't going to be...easy.."

*Please let me know if I've missed any other characters you believe should be in the RP. Remember, you can play as many Characters as you can handle! Plus your own.

Setting: Most of the residents in Twin Flight -Knuckles, Tails, Sonic, Amy, Big, Cream, Shadow, Silver, Cosmo, and Vanilla- cannot start freely. Users who are playing any of these characters must start in the giant ship, Twin Flight -Tails built it!-. Any other characters are allowed to start in the city, canyons, or the forest nearby.
The trees are almost bear with their leaves on the yellowing grass in Hart Forest. The leaves are a lushes orange, red, and yellow. The birds are few, and there is a hint of cool winter on the air. The city, after a few hours from the attack, are repairing. Boulder Canyons is hiding the huge ship, Twin Flight, from view behind giant rocks and stones. The residents, some of Sonic's gang, are either in the ship or scouting the area. -Sonic is of course the leader, Tails is the ship's pilot, and Knuckles is the guard of the place, making daily rounds around the ship and area. The others are just...blah.

Season: Fall

Year: 2010

Month&Day: September 2nd: Early Night at the moment. -Around 7:00 PM-

Earth- Crystal City, Hart Forest, and Boulder Canyons in the same land.

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The Truth (Sonic Demensions Rp)
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