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 The (Pokémon) Glitch Centre.

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PostSubject: The (Pokémon) Glitch Centre.   Thu Feb 02, 2012 5:15 am

Welcome one & all to tSD's "The glitch centre". Here we discuss all the glitches you have experienced playing any Pokemon games.
We will also give out information on where to find glitch Pokémon, that are not classified as "true Pokémon".

If you are looking for the Mew glitch, Celebi egg glitch, or the Mystery zone glitch, please go here: http://thesonicdimension.forumotion.net/t187-gotta-catch-em-all

So...have ever came across a glitch by mistake?
Is there any glitches you love to abuse?
Would you like to tell us about a Glitch Pokemon you found & how you found it..?

Speak forth & let us hear these possibly fascinating tales. =)

Glitch nests:

Disclaimer; Though this thread does give out information about glitch Pokémon & their moves, using them they may destroy your save data, &/or render your game cartridge useless.
We (tSD - It's members, Mods, Admins & the site as a whole) are not responsible for any negative effect they may cause you. Please use these glitches under your awareness of this, & use try not to blame us for what is your choice to do or not.

"Cloning/Bad Clone(s)" - G, S & C:

To clone on generation II games, do the following:
Go to any Pokémon centre, & place the Pokémon you want to clone into an empty box on the P.C., then switch to an empty box & let it save.
Then, to clone simply take the Pokémon back out of the box & wait for the save message box to finish typing it's message, but not fully saved. Once you see the complete message, switch off before it completely saves. If done correctly, you should have now have two of the same Pokémon - one in your party & one in the box. If not, keep trying. It doesn't always work first time.
A Bad clone is done the same, but it doesn't always happen. Occasionally though, one of these cloned Pokémon's stats &/or name will be incorrect (or just plain blank for the name), if so, it is likely a "Bad clone". This bad clone is necessary to get Celebi in the Celebi egg glitch.

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The (Pokémon) Glitch Centre.
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