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 Happy Valentine's day.

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PostSubject: Happy Valentine's day.   Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:08 am

Yes, on February the 14th of this month will be Valentine's day,

A day first created by Saint Valentine which was a vicar of whom secretly forced those of whom that had sex before marriage, to marry, under penalty of execution on this day.
In those times, he was deemed a Saint as it was shameful to marry after losing your virginity, & as such he was deemed high in esteem as he shielded those of which would be chastised by the society at the time for not waiting until after marriage.
Later on he became a matchmaker of which those in need would come to him, to find their "true love" . 98% of which were actually successful.

Now though, he has his own day to continuously remind of us of the ones we love (/care for).
Not all of us are fond of this day, though. Infact many of us call it "Alone awareness day", it literally reminds us of being single &/or unloved at this present time.

I for one, do like the day, but every year it comes round, I always feel a sense of loneliness far stronger then usual, for obvious reasons.
I actually usually make a card for the same someone this time every year...but I may not be able to this year due to connection issues where I save the files I need, & the usage of GIMP, which I have yet to upload to my new computer, & cannot do for a while yet...

What are your thoughts on this ancient of traditions..?
Have you got any plans for it at all..?
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PostSubject: Re: Happy Valentine's day.   Thu Feb 02, 2012 10:16 pm

My plan's simple

Work myself to the bloody bone just like I did last year and get absolute zero thanks or return


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Happy Valentine's day.
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