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 Nintendo going mobile/Codename NX

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PostSubject: Nintendo going mobile/Codename NX   Tue Mar 17, 2015 7:14 pm

Seems Nintendo's jumping on the mobile market as well:

I always dreaded the idea of Ninty moving to smartphones, but given the details, this may prove beneficial. For starters, DeNA is very well known in the Japanese mobile industry. Plus, there are plenty of franchises that could benefit themselves. Pokemon is a very good example. The whole idea may have consumers think, "Hey, this is pretty neat. Maybe I should buy a 3DS and/or Wii U and experience more of it." Hey, their stocks have already risen over 30% since this news broke last night so clearly they're doing something right.

As for the NX, that's their codename for the next system. No, they're not abandoning the Wii U already. This sort of thing is common for Nintendo. The Wii U was already in development about two years after the original Wii was released. But it seems that DeNA will play a part for this as well. It seems this will be a replacement for Club Nintendo:

"Nintendo, together with DeNA, will jointly develop a new membership service which encompasses the existing Nintendo 3DS and Wii U systems, the new hardware system with a brand-new concept, NX, and smart devices and PCs, and Nintendo will be the primary party to operate this new membership service.
Unlike the Club Nintendo membership service that Nintendo has been operating, the new membership service will include multiple devices and create a connection between Nintendo and each individual consumer regardless of the device the consumer uses. This membership will form one of the core elements of the new Nintendo platform that I just mentioned."

Now, to me...
N - Nintendo
X - Cross

Cross-platforming, maybe?


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Nintendo going mobile/Codename NX
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